Thursday, July 23, 2009

Giant Pumpkin Seeds
Grow your own Giant Pumpkins. These seeds were harvested by hand form a patch of Giant Pumpkins, you will receive 25 seeds per order of $1.50

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Handmade Victorian Doll
16'' tall Great Toy or Collectible for anyone.
Only one available currently for great price
Only $18.00

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yummy!!!!!! Fresh Organic Homemade Jam's
Very good we order ours from them all the time. Made by the ward family.
Avalible in pints, and half pints. Flavors include Grape, and Rasberry, also look for Apple comming soon.

KJV Bible Studies

KJV Bible Studies
Currently 3 Bible studies avalible, All are KJV only, and give an in depth look at scripure, highly recomended for teaching youth. You have here the parrable of the prodigal son, the draw net, and the road to the Cross. please see the right side of page to buy this item.

Wow !!!! Real Authintic Ancient Roman Coins From Bible Times
There is a few differnt options when buying this item, you can buy a lot or just one, you can get them cleaned or uncleaned and have a wonderful history lesson while cleaning and identifying them yourself. A Rare Item All Coins Are Garenteed to be Authintic. what to expect? You may find Silver coins, Gold Coins, Bronze Coins, and Brass Coins.

Christian Family Books

Christian Family Books
Currently there are three books avalible here.
1. The first book is a childrens book called The Desert Seed, Very Good Kids Book With Christian morals on obediance.
2. The seconed and third are the same book but one is soft cover and the other is hard cover.
Gods World michigan nature 2008. a wonderful photo book filled with true nature pictures, and info. great for educational use.
To buy one or more of these items see the item on the right side of the page and click Buy Now